and i'm an anthropologist and artist.

ride on!

as an anthropologist and human + culture research consultant, people hire me on a freelance or contract basis to employ a variety of qualitative research methods to help them create or improve their brand, products, services, or communications.

my independent research, insights, and creative endeavors in engaging art alongside anthropology live at Luminesce—my new project that blurs the boundaries of my professional and personal work. 

i ran an international wedding and portrait photography business out of new york city for 5 years. I still pick up my camera to enhance my research, and occasionally when someone needs portraits or wedding photos.

i completed my bachelor's degree in international studies and culture at texas a&m university, learning french and studying abroad in dakar, senegal.

no matter where i am in the world, i practice yoga every day—a journey i began in early 2019.

i think, talk, tweet, and write about all things anthropology, ultimately aiming to amplify the impact our discipline can have in the world. i am also on the EPIC2020 conference planning committee.